• A Regency Romance Novel

    Amanda Sinclair is forced into a loveless marriage with a handsome but brooding earl. James Cavendish is in love with another woman, but no matter how hard he tries, he is unable to resist Amanda's charms. The morning after their wedding night, James returns to London, leaving Amanda at his Sussex estate. Taking the reigns in her hands, Amanda follows her husband, determined to win his heart and claim her status as his wife.
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  • Storm over Sussex Gainsborough Woodcutter's Cottage Sussex Woods in Spring Downsley Hall South Downs Rosewood Manor Rosewood Manor's Drawing Room Ancient Roman villa, mosaic tile floor, Sussex South Down Sheep Bottle feeding lambs
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The Characters

James Cavendish, sixth Earl of Downsley

A handsome, 37-year-old bachelor and heir to an enormous fortune, he returns to his estate in Sussex after a seven year absence. The earl is completely enamored with the beautiful woman he left behind in London and who he intends to make his wife. Then he meets Amanda. Caught in a compromising position, the earl is forced into marrying her.

Amanda Sinclair

A willful and spoiled young woman who wishes to marry for love. Once married to the earl, she is determined to win his heart. But how can she accomplish this when he has gone to Town, leaving her to live alone in his estate in Sussex? As far as Amanda is concerned, where there is a will, there is a way! And she seeks out her husband to claim his love.

Michael Sinclair

Amanda’s doting father. A self-made man, who made his considerable fortune in trade, he has always secretly hoped for a marriage between his daughter and the earl. While he is angry with Lord Downsley for seducing Amanda, he is delighted with the outcome.

Helen Sinclair

She married a man slightly beneath her, but she married for love. Amanda looks up to her beautiful mother and desires the same loving and close marriage that her parents share. Like her husband, Helen had always hoped that the earl would marry Amanda.

Charles Metcalfe, Marquess of Hungerford

James’s deceased childhood friend, and husband to Eleanor. The earl had a falling out with Charles shortly before his death, and the friends never reconciled. Their disagreement was over Eleanor.


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